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403 Music's Mission is to support and develop gifted and called artists, ministries and songwriters who believe in helping people engage with God's Word and encounter His Presence. 403 Music desires to be a dynamic provider of songs and resources and an advocate for modern Church music; equipping the local Church for leading worship and Christ-Followers in living their worship every day.

We are architects and strategists for artists, ministries  and churches to help them take their music and message to their community and the world.

We provide strategy based on your ministry's vision, unique calling and content. We provide counsel, proven methods and seize opportunities to help you reach people more effectively.

We help you create a healthy, sustainable and God honoring model for your songs, recording and resources. 

We operate on the biblical principle of stewardship. We help you steward your vision, talent and resources well. We are not seeking to control your content but desiring to partner with you in stewarding what God has given you.

Craig Dunnagan is the owner and founder of 403 Music. He has spent decades helping sign and develop some of Christian Music and Worship Music's most established songwriters and artists. He has also worked extensively with many influential churches and ministries to help them share their songs, messages and resources with the world.


 All We Are. All For Him.

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